Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slug Bug

The Husband likes to play Slug Bug. You know, the game in which the first person to see a Volkswagen Bug yells "slug bug" while slugging the person closest to them.

I DO NOT like to play Slug Bug!!

Do Not!

I like Volkswagen Bugs! They are very cute cars! I especially liked Herbie The Love Bug! Does anyone remember Herbie? Cutest Bug ever!

I don't like to play Slug Bug partly because I do not watch other cars while we are driving somewhere and I never see the Bugs first. NEVER! EVER! The Husband ALWAYS sees the cars first! grrrr! I prefer to watch the scenery while riding in the car or think deep thoughts! Yep, that's right, I spend my time in the car thinking deep thoughts. Occasionally daydreaming...mostly thinking deep and profound thoughts, unless I'm driving, then I watch the road! You are supposed to watch the road when you drive! You are NOT supposed to be looking for a reason to slug your spouse!

I also do NOT like to play Slug Bug because my Mother taught me that it is NOT nice to slug people! The Husband's Mother taught him as well, but apparently he did NOT listen!

I have told the Husband that I do not want to play Slug Bug! In fact, I told him, "I quit! I am out of the game!" I thought that would put an end to getting slugged each time he saw a Bug. NOT! He said it's fine if I quit, however he was still going to play. Meaning: I would still get slugged.

The game Slug Bug has had me very irritated for years now.

Our trip to South Dakota changed everything!

It started with an orange Volkswagen Bug I spotted along the freeway. 

I couldn't believe it! I saw it first! The Husband was  
a little irked that I saw the Bug and he did not. I was thrilled! He got slugged!

Then came this cute little red Bug.

Guess who saw this one first. ME!!! I was overjoyed! Two in a row! HA!!

Then a blue one. Me again! Yeah baby!

And this little red convertible.

Me again! I couldn't believe it! But I was liking it! Oh yeah!

And then, when I thought I must have seen every Bug in the city...

ME again!!! Take that!

This was when I began to understand the Husband's thrill of the Slug Bug game! And this is the point that the Husband became exceedingly annoyed.

I felt bad for the Husband. After years of getting slugged, I understood his frustration. So I told him that it was fine with me if he wanted to quit playing Slug Bug. I however, would continue to play, and then I rolled on the floor laughing!


P.S. Please note, Slug Bug is a game. No spouses are injured or abused while playing! It's irksome for the loser, but it's only a game!

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