Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 minutes revives a dream

Yep, 30 minutes playing with and petting farm animals was all it took to breathe life back into my hobby farm dream!

I'm aware that it's a lot of work to manage a hobby farm, but I have learned that afternoon naps are allowed.

I think I would prefer to take my naps on the couch!

I find it impossible to resist falling in love with these sweet faces!



Donkey got in a bit of trouble. He started to follow, chase would be more accurate, a girl around the pen because she had been feeding him some grain and when she didn't have any grain left. He didn't believe her. The poor girl was pretty freaked out. Donkey clearly felt very bad about the whole incident!

The petting farm also had ducks and geese.

They didn't want anything to do with people. Drop some grain on the ground folks and get outta my way!

There were some gorgeous chickens too. I really want chickens!

The Husband's favorite animal was the Alpaca. He actually said he would like to get an Alpaca. Dream encouraged!

There was a Llama too.

I'm not sure what the difference is between a Llama...

and an Alpaca, or as I heard a very cute three year old say, "it's an Alptaca Mom!"

I think I would invite three year olds to visit my hobby farm all of the time. They get so excited to see the animals. My more grown up girls still love the animals, but it's just different. I became very aware of those differences yesterday.

The girls and I, with a couple of their friends in tow, met some of my friends, who have little children, at the zoo yesterday morning. The petting farm was in the evening. It was a day full of animals. It's no wonder the hobby farm dream is alive and well again!

The more grown up kids have been to the zoo so many times by there ages that they want to power through. Tiger...check! Giraffe...check! Zebra...check. It's a little like they just want confirmation that the animals are still there and then they move on. 

My friend's little ones are absolutely thrilled to see each animal and fascinated to spend time watching them for several minutes. It doesn't even matter if the animal is sleeping, they're just delighted to be near to each new and wonderful creature.

I had to stop my more grown up kids a one point and say," I need you to wait up for the others!"

They gave me quizzical looks and asked why.

I explained that they were getting to spend the day at the zoo with their friends and I had wanted to spend the day at the zoo enjoying the company of my friends too and that wasn't happening because they kept moving on so quickly.

It was pretty funny to see their faces register understanding. Their was a time when they felt the need to follow Mom's lead. Not so much anymore! They have their own ideas of how things will go now, and they want to lead the way.

It has not been easy to change my parenting from raising little children, to raising more grown up children. It would really help if children came with warning lights! Lights that, like on the oven, turn on when the heat is just right, turn on to let you know that your children have begun to make up their own minds. It would really help a parent to be more prepared. For that matter how about warning lights for when children are going to be crabby, or when they are getting sick, or when they are mature enough to start dating! Yes! Children should definitely come equipped with warning lights!

Though my more grownup kids did not want to spend much time looking at the animals and did not get that look of delight at seeing each animal, they are at an age where they have a very delightful wit and their zoo commentary is a riot. They kept me laughing most of the day!

I discovered a solution yesterday, to problem that killed my hobby farm dream in the first place.

The petting farm had a person walking around with a pooper scooper.

That's right, the moment there was a pile, it was immediately scooped away!

I just need to hire a pooper scooper for my hobby farm! Problem solved!

Yep, yesterday was a very good day!

Dreams came back to life, lots of laughter, and many cute animals kids!


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