Friday, August 26, 2011

12 more days

I find that the last couple of weeks at the end of summer, right before school begins, are the most difficult weeks of the year.

Summer has been grand!

But as we near it's finish line,

the girls, without meaning to, begin to snap at each other more often. They begin to grumble a little more. They find things to worry about a bit more easily. It's just symptoms of the excitement and  the anxiety of the impending start to a new school year, but it does begin to wear on me!

Days spent in the sun, watching the flowers grow, will be replaced with days spent in stuffy classrooms.

No more chasing frogs and praying mantises. Instead the girls will be running to the next class and searching for the right text book.

No more monkeying around! Time to straighten up and follow the teacher's directions!


That's right! Time to get back to business! And don't look at me like that! A good education is important!

However, we still have to make it through these last few days of summer that leave everyone udderly tense and crabby.

Clearly I am trying to use humor to cope! 

So, for 12 more days, we will all put happy faces!

When the girls leave for their first day of school, I will collapse on the couch and sleep all day...or cry because the house is too quiet!


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