Friday, July 29, 2011

To make a heart light again

The last year has brought much heartache and sorrow.

There are loved ones whose marriages are broken.

There are loved ones who have passed away.

by Ann Tristani

There are loved ones who are suffering and dealing with illness.

There are loved ones who are struggling with finances.

All of this pain has weighed heavy on my heart.

I have allowed the heaviness of it all to settle deeply.

It has settled too deeply, because lately I have allowed my Bible to settle comfortably on my bedside table.

A place it should never get comfortable resting, for it should get used to resting in my hands under my searching eyes!

I need it's wise words like I need the air I breathe.

The need to be reading my Bible has nudged at me. It has been whispering to me and I have allowed the noise of life's hardships to shout over that whisper until I heard the whisper no longer.

And then, in a book I picked up at the library, for an easy summer read, called Sisterchicks in's about two friends who go to Italy, how could I resist...I read this line, "a Bible that's falling apart (from use) usually belongs to a person whose life isn't." And I remembered the whisper. I remembered my need to be comforted, encouraged, and to build up my faith.

Now I'm not trying to say that reading my Bible will prevent anything from going wrong in life. It won't! 

What reading scripture will do is remind me that God is sovereign.(Psalm 47:2-8) He cares about my heartache and the heartache of those I love.(Psalm 145:8-9) He is my hope. (Romans 15:13) He is my comfort!(Psalm 23:4)

It is through scripture that I learn to have a tender, forgiving heart toward others and to seek forgiveness myself.

It is through scripture that I am taught to be generous and find joy.

I eat daily to nourish my body, yet I had forgotten to feed my soul. It was starving. 

A starving soul does not have the strength to lift the weight of a heavy heart, and a nourished soul has the weight lifted by Almighty God.

The Bible is my souls daily bread.

I am thankful, that I read in a book, that I happened to pick up at the library, what I could no longer hear in a whisper.

God is also faithful!


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