Tuesday, July 19, 2011

O for the love of curls

Yesterday was haircut day for the girls.

They get their hair cut by the same stylist so I schedule one appointment right after the other.

Sadly the stylist who used to cut the their hair no longer works at the salon we go to. The girls were going to be seeing someone new.

I tend forget from one visit to the next that Miss Emma Bean should get her hair cut first. If she does not, she looks through the hairstyle books and gets very worked up about what to do with her hair. 

Bangs or no bangs?

Cut it shorter or let it grow longer?

Layers or no layers?

Pink streak or no pink streak?

Add in the fact that she was going to see someone new, that she doesn't know...ugh! It was a long wait for Emma Bean's turn to get her haircut!

When Emma Bean's turn finally came to see the stylist we were both beginning to feel pretty stressed out! Me maybe a little more so! 

When the new stylist, who was very nice by the way, asked Miss Bean how she would like her hair cut, Miss Bean just showed the stylist, who was very sweet, a photo she'd found of the lovely Taylor Swift.

The stylist asked Miss Bean if she liked the curls.

Miss Bean said yes.

"We can do that!" she said.

I added in a quick request for a bit of a trim off the ends.

After the removal of about 1/2 an inch of hair, and the expert skill and great patience it must take to curl the multitude of small sections of hair necessary to create such a look, Miss Emma Bean was returned to me beaming with delight!

I think the new stylist has found herself a client for life!

Miss Emma Bean doesn't ever want to wash her hair again...it might ruin her new look...but hey, at least a decision was made and she got it trimmed!


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