Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating and remembering

Yesterday was the Husband's birthday. We had a wonderful time celebrating him!

Last Saturday we celebrated my cousin's little boy. He turned 5 years old. Yay 5!

If you look very closely, you can just make out his cute face in this photo. I know, it's hard to see him. He was all decked out in camouflage! It was part of his party's army theme. He was difficult to spot most of the day!

This is his Mom and my cousin Rebecca with her littlest guy. She has just the two boys.

She is lovely and she is very nice. I like her! I'm only occasionally envious that she got that beautiful red hair and I did not! sigh

This is my cousin's Husband.

You do not have double vision! He is a twin. It can be confusing sometimes when they're both together! Her husband is the one in the blue. I think. Yes! Definitely the one in the blue! I'm pretty sure. Either way, they are both great guys. For sure the blue!

The kids had a great time playing with squirt guns at the party.

There was a bit of sneakiness from Miss Sofi Bug as she hid a the top of some stairs and sprayed the younger kids down below.

Miss Emma Bean may have taken things a little too seriously!

 All in all it was good fun for everyone!

We have done quite a bit of celebrating the last few days.

Today we will celebrate again. But it will be a little different. 

Today we remember the birthday of the Husband's Grandma Doris.

Grandma Doris went home to be with Jesus last December. She would have been 105 years old today. That's right, she lived to be 104 years old! Amazing!

The Husband's Sister put it very beautifully when she said "Grandma Doris left a legacy of love!" And she sure did! I can see it woven throughout her entire family from her children to her great grand children.

This is my favorite photo of Grandma Doris.

Smiling and full of joy, she too was very lovely!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering Grandma Doris - what a great picture of her!