Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Tooth Fairy NEVER forgets

We have been waiting patiently for Miss Emma Bean to lose a loose tooth.

We have been waiting for awhile.

Bean does not enjoy the process of losing her baby teeth! That may be the greatest understatement I will ever make! Therefore when the Bean has a loose tooth, the Husband and I are filled with great anxiety anticipation until the tooth is finally out!

Miss Bean has never actually pulled out one of her loose teeth. That's right, not a one! Zero, zip, zilch! She has NEVER! Nor has she ever allowed the Husband or me to remove a loose tooth.

Miss Emma Bean's loose teeth have fallen out while she has been eating. They have been knocked out when she and a friend collided while playing on the playground. The dog has even accidentally bopped her in the mouth knocking out a loose tooth, but Miss Bean has NEVER pulled one out herself! And it may never happen!

Hence the great joy and relief when Miss Bean showed us that the tooth, that has been loose for some time now, had fallen into her hand when she touched it!

YAY!! Joy and celebration! And of course it was time for the Tooth Fairy! Woohoo!

Here is where our story takes a potentially sad turn.

The Tooth Fairy did not arrive as scheduled! DRAT!

Miss Bean was very sad and gave me a very accusing look!

Please note my friends that at 10 and 13 years old my girls do know about the Tooth Fairy, and the 13 year old has lost all baby teeth and no longer gets visits from the Tooth Fairy. However, as parents who very much enjoy the wonderful mysteries of the Tooth Fairy etc, our children are expected to play along!

I will tell you that this is not a 1st time situation for us. Oh yes, the Tooth Fairy had forgotten not been able to make it once before. The Tooth Fairy is only human not perfect, and is very busy, collecting teeth and all, and can't always make every stop.

I calmed the Bean by explaining to her that the Tooth Fairy does not forget, she will come for the tooth, she would just be a little late. And a late Tooth Fairy brings something extra special because she feels guilty always make amends!

Just as I said, the Tooth Fairy, with a little help from her trusty Tooth Fairy's Husband, yeah that's right, the Tooth Fairy's Husband, special gifts were brought for Miss Emma Bean the very next night!

The Tooth Fairy also left a very important message!

Yep, that took care of it! Miss Emma Bean was appeased and very happy this morning! I think that had more to do with the chocolate than the apology note, that and getting her sprinkling of fairy dust. Oh yes, the Tooth Fairy sprinkles the girls with fairy dust!

Like I said, to make Mom and Dad happy, the girls are expected to play along! And to be honest, I think the Tooth Fairy should be late more often, because in this house, chocolate must be shared!


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