Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's another very hot day in Minnesota today. 100 degrees and humid. It's don't bother to do the hair humid! Can't breath when you step outside humid! I can't get a clear photo humid.

I should have known the camera lens would fog! Darn humidity! It did make for a good shot though.

It's too hot to spend time outside. No weeding the garden. No picnics. And ice cream melts before you can get your first taste! grrrr

The heat is making me grumpy!

Since I don't want an entire blog post dedicated to my complaints about the heat, and frankly it's all I can think about, I'm just going to share some photos with you that I like.


Okay, I realize this one may seem like I'm still fixated on the miserable heat, but really I just like the photo!

 I promise, Lilo was not panting from the heat! She had just been brushed and it made her happy! It made me happy too! She has been shedding buckets of fur because of the heat! Sorry! There I go again about the heat.

That's better! You would never know it was a sweltering hot day when I took this photo! I really like this shot! A perfect rose!

I laughed when I saw this duck. A great perch.

I'd just like to point out that I didn't say anything about the temperature on the day I took this photo!

I can't help it! The heat is all I can think about. 

I think we'll have to go for a splash in Grandma and Papa's pool today!

Miss Emma Bean approves!


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