Monday, July 18, 2011


The first few days with braces were a little rough for Miss Sofi Bug! Her teeth hurt and she could not touch her back molars together. Therefore, no chewing. The orthodontist advised a soft or liquid diet for the first couple of days.

The poor girl. She was not excited about a liquid diet.

Though I know they really bothered her and I should have been giving her sympathetic looks, I couldn't help but grin at her every time she opened her mouth. She looks so super cute with her braces! 

Because Miss Sofi Bug likes to have fruit in the morning with her breakfast, and it was very difficult to eat fruit those first few days, we began to make fruit smoothies.

I had forgotten how good fruit smoothies are. I used to make them all of the time when the girls were little. If I remember correctly, they decided at some point that they didn't like them anymore and that's why I stopped making them. Since fruit smoothies seemed like the best way for Miss Sofi Bug to get her fruit in the morning, we began to make them again, and now the girls think they're fantastic! Yep, that's how it goes!

Smoothies are very easy to make.

Pour about 1/2 cup of orange juice into the pitcher of a blender.

Toss in a handful of frozen Strawberries and a handful of frozen blueberries. You can use fresh berries but the frozen make the smoothies seem more like an icy treat than something good for you!

Lastly, toss in 1/2 a banana.

Blend well and serve.

YUM!!! Homemade smoothies are delicious.

However...a little warning about fruit smoothies with berries. ALWAYS check your teeth after consuming a  smoothie!

I wouldn't want anyone to arrive at church...check their car mirror for a final do-I-look-alright inspection...which they should have done at home prior to leaving for berry seeds wedged between their front teeth...then have nothing but their fingernail to dislodge the unsightly seeds...while hoping NO ONE pulls into a nearby parking space to witness the embarrassing scene! 

It could happen! It could leave a person flustered! It might cause a person to hiss at their family the question "why didn't anyone tell me I had seeds stuck in my teeth!?"

I'm just saying!

Otherwise, what's not to like about a fruit smoothie? Enjoy!


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