Friday, July 8, 2011

Cute has it's limits

The girls got some long, fake fingernails at the store. 

The nails had an adhesive already on them which made their application very simple.

The girls thought they were great fun and very cute.

I totally agreed!

The nails continued to be cute when the girls and I played a game of cards that, though usually fast paced, slowed down considerably because the girls could not pick their cards up off of the table while wearing the fake nails.

The fake nails became a little less cute when I was needed to separate Lego pieces that the nails made impossible for the girls to separate.

And when one of the girls, again impaired by the "cute" fake nails, needed me to put her socks on her feet, the nails were no longer cute. It was time for the "cute" nails to go! 


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