Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend forecast

We had been told, last week, to expect a lovely, sunny weekend. 


It has been so frustrating to watch the weeds in the garden thrive in the gloomy, rainy weather. I was so excited for sunshine and a chance during the weekend to remove those nasty weeds! 

Alas, Saturday morning dawned...dun dun daaaah...gloomy! Again! UGH! 

We began the day with a trip to the Farmer's Market. We only wanted a couple of things and we were hoping, if we just gave it a little more time, the sun would show itself. 

We wanted some bread. We have a favorite bread stand. The bread is so very delicious. 

She wasn't there! Our favorite bread vender wasn't there! sigh!

I was also hoping to get some sweet peas. I love the smell of sweet peas! I am growing some in the garden but I can usually get some at the market before the plants in the garden begin to bloom. 

Nope, no sweet peas either. I think the cloudy weather isn't helping the flowers to bloom!

I did get some radishes and snap peas though. I've been munching on radishes ever since we got them. There are only two left. They are crunchy and delicious! I like to sprinkle a little salt on them...anyway...

The sun did not make an appearance while we were at the Farmer's Market. 

The garden had to be done anyway! The flowers and vegetables may not be thriving with all of the rain and clouds but the weeds are. That's just not right! 

Oh how the garden had become full of weeds!

Bad, I know!

This job was long overdue.

I grabbed my indispensable weeder. I don't remember what it's called but it's fabulous!

One side has teeth, the other is flat, and the end has a point. It slices and dices and digs out the weeds. It also has a nice long handle so I don't get a crick in my back! Yay! 

It makes pretty short work of the weeds!

It gives my arms a good workout! Gotta love that!

Normally, if the weeds are really little, I will leave their remains in the soil...returning nutrients to the ground and all, but because the weeds had grown so large by the time I got to clearing them out, I had five large buckets full of weed parts to haul out of the garden.

Warning, this next photo is not a pretty one!

Weed remains! Yikes!

And rocks! Where do all of the rocks come from? I am forever removing rocks. As soon as I think I have pulled all of the rocks out of the garden, I find a dozen more. snort!

Finally the garden is weed free and I can show you the trellises the Husband made for the beans and snap peas.

Pretty nice, huh? We saw trellises like these in a garden store for $150 each. The husband made three of them for under $27. Woohoo!

The beans and snap peas are happy!

And there is something about seeing all of that freshly turned, dark, weed free soil that makes me happy.

Did I mention that as soon as I began to work in the garden it started to rain? I should have expected it...the weather person said it would be a lovely, sunny weekend.


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Jason V said...

Great post.
Weeds are bad.