Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy campers

The girls began volleyball camp this week. I have been very excited that they wanted to try it and so far, they both seem to like playing volleyball. I'm glad. 

They got their interest from me you know. I played volleyball for a whole year in 8th grade...wait, it was 7th, it was 8th...I played volleyball for a year in junior high. The girls definitely take after me!

I will miss soccer though. (the girls decided to give up soccer to play volleyball) Soccer was always a surprise. We could be sitting outside in the sweltering heat watching a game or we could end up sitting in the rain. For sure by the end of the fall soccer season we would be outside bundled up for the freezing cold and at least one game a season we would get covered in the snow. Yeah, I'm going to miss that while sitting inside a temperature controlled gymnasium watching the girls play volleyball. Hey, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make if the girls are happy!

I arrived early yesterday to get Miss Sofi Bug from camp because I really wanted to get some photos of one of my super hot shot volleyball players in action.

I was sure I'd get some pretty amazing shots. I was hoping to get something like this.

not one of my girls, random shot found on google

Wouldn't that be a cool shot to get of one of my girls?

Well, either my memory is very bad, or the game of volleyball has really changed.

I don't remember piggyback rides in volleyball!

I also don't remember chasing my teammates around in circles!

I may need to have a talk with the coach! Although, I don't want to ruin my chances of watching my girl's sporting events indoors! Dilemma!

Actually the girls were just finishing up practice with, what I think is best described as, a volleyball version of musical chairs? I think. 

My very cool, hot shot photo will have to wait for another time. I'll get it. They take after me you know. (snort!)


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