Monday, June 6, 2011

Time for June bugs

It's going to be a hot day in Minnesota today. We're talking 92˚ and humid. bleck!

So, because I care, and want everyone to stay cool, here's a suggestion for beating the June heat.

June bugs!

I'm not talking the creepy crawly kind my friends. (tempted to insert photo of creepy crawly June bug...I am restraining...but I am tempted!) I'm talking the sweet, refreshing drink called the June bug.

I found this recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

These few ingredients make a perfect beat-the-heat beverage.

Oops, missing the orange need OJ too!

1. Pour 3 cups ginger ale into the pitcher of a blender.

2. Add in 4 Tbsp grenadine.

3. Add in 4Tbsp orange juice.

4. Add in 3 scoops of orange sherbet.

Blend together. Pour into ice filled glasses.

Serve this round of June bugs to the children.

Now, repeat steps 1-4 and add in 1/2 cup of white rum. Blend, pour into ice filled glasses and serve the adults!


June bugs, a great way to beat the heat, all summer long!


P.S.  A big round of applause for the Husband who served as hand model for this post! He did a great job!

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Liv T. said...

Yum. I'm going to make this. Love their is a kid version and grown-up version!