Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry fields for...3 weeks!

We have been waiting and watching and hoping and longing to pick strawberries. 

One of summer's great pleasures is fresh picked berries! 

Finally it's happened! The berries are ripening! YAY! Today's the day!


Bottles of water...check!

Backpack...packed and ready...check!

Children who are hurrying to get ready so we can leave early...children who are hurrying?  Fine! The original plan had been to take mine anyway!

Arrive slightly later than planned and hitch a ride out to the strawberry fields.

Follow a guide into the field and get assigned a row.

Drop to ground and pick strawberries 'til our hearts content! Or until I remember that each flat can hold about 10 pounds of strawberries and the berries cost $1.85 a pound this year. So we picked until I said that looks like it's getting expensive!

We had to do some searching because the berries have just begun to ripen and there aren't many that are ready to be picked.

The fruit of our labor was well worth the effort though!

Just to make sure, we did a little taste testing! Or a lot!

With our flat full of berries, we made our way to the checkout.

We could not leave without also purchasing some strawberry muffins and strawberry donuts. Yum, yum, yum! And of course, we had to stop to taste those too!

As usual, we picked way more strawberries than we need. That's my favorite part! Because then we get to pack some up to share with friends! And we can go back for more, if we do it in the next 3 weeks. After that, the berries will be done. Ho hum! But we get to enjoy them now!

Thank you Lord for sweet, delicious, ruby red strawberries! 

It was a berry good morning!


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