Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goodbye zombies

Last night, while the Husband was helping Emma Bean study for a test, I snuck off to the computer to play Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies, for those who do not know, is a computer game. It's a game in which cartoon zombies try to break into your cartoon house to eat your brains. Therefore you must plant plants that shoot peas at the zombies and destroy them before they get into the house to eat your brains.

Goodness, when described like that it sounds kinda ridiculous. But it's fun, and I play. 

"Hello, my name is Christine and I play Plants vs Zombies. Help!" 

Eh hem. Anyway...after playing for only a few minutes...ok, more than a few minutes, I realized what time it was and that Emma Bean should be getting ready for bed. I went in search of her and found that everyone in the family had become "plugged in", Ipod, whatever. None of us were actually aware that the others existed anymore. We were all in the house together, but very separated and alone. Let me tell you, it was startling!

I don't mind the occasional video game. I actually enjoy them. That may have been clear to you already, Plants vs Zombies and all, but I suddenly had a vision of my children wanting to spend the summer tuned out to the world and "plugged in" to video games, computers and Ipods.

I did not like the image!

Being "plugged in" has not been a problem in the past, but the girls are in a different stage of life now, and with Ipods and computers to occupy them, and always calling their names, I think this summer may be a different story. It may be more difficult this summer to get them to run around with their friends.

I want them to continue to enjoy climbing trees.

Scratch that. The last good climbing tree will be coming down soon. We will go for picnics instead!

I'm going to have to have my act together this summer if I am going to keep everyone active and avoid the many things that promote being still and solitary. I may even have to say goodbye to zombies for the summer. I think healthy, active children will be worth it.

That said, I only have 5 days of planting peas shooters left. Gotta go! I'm joking...mostly!


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