Friday, February 11, 2011

Poor Zonkey!

As I was tucking my Emma or as I like to more affectionately refer to her as my Emma bean into bed last night, she looked at me, sweet as can be and said "Mommy?" My heart melts at Mommy! " You still haven't fixed Zonkey!" Then she made a pouty face.

Just to be clear, Emma is now 9 and this photo is not current, but there are times when I look my girls and I still see them as little girls. I can't help it! And when they say "Mommy" it's definitely one of those times!

The guilt immediately set in! I had not fixed Zonkey. Zonkey is Emma's favorite stuffed animal. He is part zebra/part donkey. He was given to her by Aunt Cheryl and gets a place of honor on her bed each day and gets to snuggle with her at night and he has recently popped a seam. . .  or maybe it was 4 weeks ago. It was also 4 weeks ago that I was asked to fix Zonkey and I forgot. Yep, guilt! 

I kissed Emma bean good night and went straight to my next days to-do list and wrote repair Zonkey on the top of the list! Guilt slightly appeased! It's on the list!

First thing this morning I pulled out needle and thread and stitched up Poor Zonkey's popped seam. Well, maybe not first thing. I did go for a Starbucks . . . yum and I had to run to the grocery store, and by the time all the groceries were put away I was really hungry so I had lunch. But as soon as all those things were finished I fixed Zonkey. It really doesn't matter the order . . . right? Just so long as the job gets done.

Zonkey is now returned to his place of honor on Emma's bed seam intact. Guilt is gone! He really is very cute, for a stuffed animal. 

Emma is going to be so happy when she gets home from school and finds Zonkey all better. However, I don't intend to tell her he is fixed until she begins to grump about doing her homework. When she starts to fuss I will announce that Zonkey is repaired and she will be so grateful that she will do her homework without complaint. That's how I imagine this afternoon will go anyway. Please don't burst my bubble!!

Guilt free mom!


Jennifer said...

Sweet. Glad your having fun with it.

Debbie said...

I have discovered that parents will forever catch glimpses of the baby faces on their growing/grown children... even when they are grown and seeing their own baby's faces on their growing children! Viewing precious moments gone by!

Anonymous said...

I have the same toy and I love it. That being said, she should learn how to fix her own toys. It's good and healthy and empowering. I liked learning around age 6 and took it FAR beyond just fixing toys. :)