Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's day is not a big deal for our family. We give each other cards and there must be chocolate. Chocolate that some people ate too much of yesterday! But I would never point fingers or name names or say anything that might cause me to incriminate myself! We don't plan big romantic dinners out or buy flowers that are five times more expensive than any other time of year. 

We keep it pretty low key. Which is why I was surprised when each of our girls made a big deal of wanting to do something special for Valentine's Day and in turn shut themselves into the craft room commanding that everyone else "STAY OUT!" 

Our craft room isn't anything special. It is just a partially finished room in our basement, where we installed some shelves for storing craft supplies and have a very cute craft table (If I do say so myself!) where we can all work on our fabulous craft creations and where we can leave works in progress out and guests won't see the mess! That is my favorite part! That and the fact that I love to imagine I am much more crafty than I am! 

First thing yesterday morning our girls presented me and their dad and each other with valentines they had lovingly created. They were sweet and touching! Emma gave each of us a card and a book mark she'd made . . . we love to read! Sofia created little felt stuffed animals for each of us. Mine is a frog! So cute!

Both girls were very thoughtful and put a lot of effort into making their valentines. 

What touched me most is the sentiment Sofia, my now thirteen year old girl wrote in the card she gave me. Please bear with me as this is one of those times that I am envisioning this . . .

even though she is now as tall as I am and very much a young lady and not a little baby. I can't help it!

My card said, "Thank you for helping me through thick and thin. Sometimes it's just what I need for you to hold me."

See? Now you know why the baby face was all I could picture in my mind and a voice in my head began shouting "It matters! It matters! You are making a difference!" and then I thought "I knew she still liked it when I gave her hugs! YES!"

The older they get the more infrequent may be the times they feel comfortable telling us how important we are and how much we matter to them (it not being very cool and all) but when they finally do . . . WOW! I will read this card often and it will be ok if it takes until next Valentine's Day for her to affirm me again, because now I have proof!


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