Friday, February 25, 2011

My day in the sun

That's it! I've decided that I want to be Lilo today! I want to do all the things she usually does and she can do all the things I usually do!

So today I am going to lay in the sun like this. Lilo will get the groceries.

And when the sun moves I will move to lay in the sun like this. Lilo will do the laundry.

Then, when I get tired of that, I will move again and fall asleep in the sun like this. Lilo will dust and vacuum.

I began to reconsider being Lilo for the day when I remembered that it means going outside to...I don't think I need to explain further.

Then I remembered I'd get to come back inside and lay down in the sun like this, and I decided I could live with...outside! Lilo will help the girls with their homework.

If anyone needs me today, just look for the sunshine, that's where I'll be! Actually, don't look for me, Lilo will take care of it!!


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