Saturday, February 12, 2011

A legacy of cake

With a birthday coming up in our family the conversation turns to cake. Will the cake be chocolate ( I vote yes! ) or white or strawberry . . . the list could go on but it's easier to tell you that we will eat any kind of cake. We like them all. Two layer, three layer, sheet cake . . . cake, cake ,cake! YUM!!!

Once the flavor of cake is determined we put in a call to Grandma. Grandma is the Queen of Cakes!

Years ago, it isn't necessary to say how many years, it's just many. Grandma took a cake decorating class. She took the class with the intent to bake and decorate the cake for my wedding. Sadly things did not go well for the wedding cake. I won't go into to detail. I'll just say steam cleaning carpets = lots of humidity, which = melting icing! There may or may not have been tears! However, Grandma did not lose heart and she continued to hone her cake decorating skills, and she has made the birthday cake a very important and special part of her grandchildren's birthdays. A plain cake will no longer do. 

It must be Pooh Bear,

or a butterfly,

or of course a princess! Love the Little Mermaid!

No design is too elaborate for Grandma to try. Hello Queen Bee!

No cake idea too daunting. Gotta love flipflops!

She lovingly gives of her talent for the joy of her grandchildren. 

Grandparents who bestow their time, talents, and love on their grandchildren are a blessing! One generation, impacting the lives of the next, causing them to know that they are significant and loved . . . and hear come the tears! I can't help it! My girls are so fortunate to have 2 sets of grandparents that love them deeply and it fills my heart with gladness! Thank you to the grandparents who invest in the next generation! May God bless you abundantly!

Weeping with joy!

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