Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mystery of Love

Meet Martha. It all began with a friendship Martha built with one of my uncles and my grandmother.

Martha never had children, but she took us on to love like her own and became part of our family. She celebrated with us on holidays and participated in family gatherings as well as rejoiced in the new additions to our family! 

Sadly, our beloved Martha passed away in 2005.

She had an interesting life and traveled all over the world. Oh, how we loved to listen to her stories!

Martha also made the most amazing Deviled eggs!! She always brought them to family gatherings and you had to be fast to get one or they vanished and you got nothin!

I have the great honor of carrying on the tradition of supplying Martha's Deviled eggs for all of my families gatherings and I think of her fondly every time I make them. There is also the added bonus of getting to have my share of the eggs before I arrive at a get together! Please don't tell my family!!!

Martha was a saver too. She kept newspaper articles, poems, and even the odd comic that she found amusing. If it touched her heart or brought her joy she clipped it out and tucked it somewhere for safe keeping. It was in her address book that this poem was found  after she passed and it is this poem that causes me to think about Martha today . . . Valentine's Day.

Splashing love on everyone she came into contact with is what I remember most about Martha! In her honor I will do the same today!!

Go splash some love my friends! It is worth the effort!

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kkk said...

Beautiful thoughts Christine...and Martha.
I indeed did some splashing around yesterday.