Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding a photo of me!

The other day Jason suggested that I add a photograph of myself to the blog. I agreed that this might be a good idea since it's friends and family who are currently the only people reading my blog (and I love them all for it!!!) and it's possible that they have forgotten what I look like since they saw me last. So, I went in search of a super cute photo of myself to post—for their sakes not mine. After all they're the ones who will have to look at it every time they check out my blog and I would really, really like them to return!! It would be a bummer if a bad photo of me chased anyone away!

During my search, I ran into a problem. I am typically on the wrong side of the camera. You see, I am the photographer in the family. 

Although I didn't find many photos of just me, I did find several that include me. It is traditional for us to take family portraits in which Jason holds the camera as far away from himself as possible and the rest of us squish in as close  to him as we can. Since it is Jason who takes these photos—his arms are the longest—I get to be in them! These are always my favorite photos of our family. 

They are fun because you never know what you'll get, or miss as the case may be. Sofia really does have a chin! I swear!!

OOOO this is a nice one. The only thing missing is Emma's tooth!

This is a good photo too! I like the composition! I really like that the hair color I payed for looks so much like the girls hair color that it looks like it must be my natural color!!

Well what do you know . . . a photo of just me . . . or that's all me . . . all of my face anyway.

This one is just silly and I thought it would be fun to share!

I guess I look acceptable enough in these photos to share with everyone. However, if any of these photos would cause you to never return to the blog let me know and I will immediately have it removed! Because as I said I would really, really like you to return!!! PLEASE!


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