Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time To Relax

I was recently asked what I like to do to relax.

Frankly there are lots of things I like to do to relax.

Reading a good book is very relaxing to me.

Going to the movies. Have you seen Brave yet? The Family loved it! I loved it as soon as I learned the main character had all that wild red hair!! It's so not fair that I didn't get red hair! -sigh-

I like to weed the garden. Yes, I find weeding the garden relaxing, at least I do when it's still a manageable task, if I let it go too long, and the gardens are overrun, then weeding the garden is stressful. There's a fine line my friends. A very fine line!

Playing games with the family, going for walks, sippin' something cold while chatting with friends on the porch, I find all of these things to be relaxing.

However, I had something new to share when asked how I like to relax.

Miss Emma Bean gave me some foot soaking salts for Mother's Day.

They're super simple to make. A combination of Epsom salt, which reduces inflammation, relieves skin irritations, and exfoliates, (good for those rough heels!)  some Kosher salt and a few drops of essential oil. How cute are those little glass containers??

As I have never been a big fan of going to get pedicures and manicures, (I like to paint my own nails, I just don't like taking time to go and have someone else paint my nails, go figure) it took me a very long time to use the foot soaks. 5 weeks to be exact. So when Miss Emma Bean began to ask me when I was going to use the foot soaks, I began to feel like a heel (ha ha pun intended!) for not using the gift she gave me and was so excited about. 

Last week, riddled with guilt, I finally pulled out a little tub, filled it with warm water and added the lavender foot soak to it. Once my feet hit the water, and the wonderful scent of lavender wafted through the air, I was hooked!

Soaking my feet in a warm lavender foot bath is WONDERFUL!

It's become one of my new favorite things to do to relax. I can soak my feet while reading or watching a movie too. Bonus!! Two relaxing things at once! Whoop!

And once I was all relaxed and my heels were all smooth, I decided to give myself, and the girls, fun 4th of July inspired, polished toenails!

Found this nail art idea on Pintrest! 

Ah Pintrest, another relaxing thing to do!

So, what do you like to do to relax?


P.S. Apologies if that was too many photographs of bare feet for one blog post!

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