Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Kickoff

Getting free shipping on your t-shirt order is a great way to kickoff summer! Thanks to all who ordered t-shirts from the Husband's new t-shirt store yesterday! Though free shipping was yesterday, you can still order fun t-shirts from his shop Steward anytime! 

As great as free shipping, and new t-shirts are, nothing beats a good old fashioned parade to kickoff summer!

I love the bouquets of balloons,

and marching bands!

Little children...

dancing to the beat of drums!

Princesses waving from parade floats!

And little ones scrambling for tossed pieces of candy!

4-H clubs!

Plumed hats!

Scarfing down sugared mini donuts! YUM! Good thing we only have these once a year!

Little girls wearing pink cowgirl boots and tutus!

She was also wearing fairy wings. Oh how it made me wax nostalgic for the days when my little girls wore fairy wings. sigh

And Bassett Hound puppies that are too tired to walk the entire length of the parade route. Awww

And then there is the delight of seeing my girls handing out candy along the parade route again this year. 

I still can't get them to pause from their very important job of giving out candy to let me get a decent photo of them! ho hum

And last, but not least, and my favorite part of any parade...the bagpipes! Not only do I enjoy listening to the bagpipes, but they are always accompanied by men in kilts! Yippee

Yep, nothing like men in kilts a parade to kickoff the summer!

Big kudos to my Mom who has organized our local parade for the last several years! Well done!! 


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