Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vegetable Garden

I told the family that I was thinking of doing away with the vegetable garden this year.

With flower beds to tend to and the many other things in the day that need doing, or that I want to do, the added work of the vegetable garden just felt like too much.

I had hopes last year of simply filling the vegetable garden with Zinnias this summer, to draw in the butterflies, but even that felt like it would be too much work, especially since the vegetable garden had already become overrun with weeds. It happened faster than I had the chance to say, "Summer break."

So, I told the family my plan to return the vegetable garden to a patch of grass.

The family exclaimed, "NO VEGETABLE GARDEN!!??" then promptly fell to the floor and looked at me with sad faces just like this.

Found this photo on Pinterest. So cute!
OK. So that may be a bit of an over exaggeration, but only a bit!

Reluctantly, after the family said they would be willing to help - normally I wouldn't ask them for help with the garden because it's something I wanted to do and I enjoyed doing it...I enjoyed it until I felt I couldn't keep up with it that is - I finally agreed to plant the garden.

The Husband spent 2 hours last weekend tilling and helping me remove the weed infestation. Darn weeds!

We purchased some tomato plants and herbs from the Farmer's Market.

Then Miss Emma Bean and Miss Sofia planted all of the seeds and plants.

All I had to do was tell them where I wanted everything.


Apparently I'm not the only one who enjoys working in the garden! Who knew!?

I wonder if I would get the same reaction if I told the family that I will no longer be cleaning the bathrooms as it feels like too much work. Hmmmm


The garden is planted and I'm looking forward to having helpers this year!

And in other news...

I finally have rose blossoms as the deer have fled from the nasty smell of Invisible Fence! 



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Karen Anderson said...

Christine, you are a gifted photographer - what beautiful pictures!