Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stupid Nature

A few days ago my rose bushes were full of beautiful buds. 

Any day there would be an abundance of pink, yellow, and red roses. So exciting!

The day lilies were just about ready to bloom too. 

I love this time of year!

In expectation, I recently walked into the garden in hopes of finding these flowers bursting open.

Instead, I found this.


Nothing but stems. Stems stripped of their buds! sniff


Day lily buds...gone!

Balloon flower buds...gone!


Though I did not plant a flower garden to feed the deer, I have come to accept and tolerate that they occasionally wandered through the garden to enjoy a nibble here or there. However, this year, instead of a little nibbling, the deer seem to have made our yard their main source of dinner. UGH!

Each morning I find that they have returned to eat more from my garden instead of moving on to greener pastures, or someone else's yard, as they have done in the past. 

In frustration I have begun to shout, "Stupid Nature!" whenever I discover a new round of flower buds missing. 

The Husband has heard this quote so often lately, he decided to put it onto a t-shirt. The deer are not perturbed.

I've had it!

Time to take action!

Time to take my garden back!

The deer have left me no other choice! 

Time to bring out the big guns!!

Liquid Fence! Dun Dun Daaaaaa!

It stinks like you would not believe, but it's very effective!

We are not providing a free buffet here! 

I want my roses!


P.S. We really do love nature. Mostly. When it's pretty, and not annoying. Yep, we love it then!

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