Monday, April 16, 2012

When Women Gather

Saturday morning my church hosted a ladies brunch.

Tables were beautifully set and adorned with floral center pieces.

The men prepared,

and served,

My Man!
an incredible meal.

From the three cheese scrambled eggs to the raspberry, white chocolate scones (oh the scones)

the entire meal was heavenly!

Yes, ALL prepared by the men from my church! Including the chocolate mousse dessert!

And to top it off, they, the men, cleaned up the whole shebang afterward. We ladies really appreciated all of their hard work to make a lovely morning for us.

The men were very attentive and efficient. Some maybe a little too efficient as they reached to remove what they thought were empty mousse cups. Oops! Not empty mousse cups. Warning! Never try to remove a mousse cup from a lady if she has not finished her mousse! Enough said.

Even more wonderful than the food, which truly was spectacular, was the time spent with some ladies who are very dear to my heart.

And very appropriate for a gathering of women, my good friend's lovely Mother-in-law spoke about the importance and blessings of our relationships with each other and with God. 

God created us to be in relationships with others. To support and be supported. To give love and be loved in return. To bear one another's burdens. To be sheltered from the storm and encouraged to take the leaps of faith.

Not all relationships are easy though. We are broken people causing some relationships to be more difficult than others, and making some relationships seem less rewarding than others. But all relationships matter to God. The one we have with Him in particular.

It is being in a relationship with God, experiencing His love and compassion, that makes it possible for us to love when loving isn't easy. It God's strength and His joy that allow us to encourage and build each other up even though we may have done it a thousand times already. It's realizing God's selflessness towards us that helps us to put another's needs before our own. And it is because of God's goodness and patience in His relationship with us, though we are not always easy to be in relationship with, that helps us to continue to love and work on the relationships with those in our lives who may need a little extra patience from us.

So the next time I see a posting on Facebook or Pinterest that encourages dumping any relationship other than the ones that serve me and my interests alone, I will lift my difficult relationships to God in prayer, and I will remember that it is highly likely that I am the most broken person of all and that I may be God's most difficult relationship and He has not dumped me!


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