Monday, April 23, 2012

Never Again

Never again will I tuck them into car seats.

Emma Bean
Miss Sofia has even begun the countdown to the day she gets to drive. Oh dear!

Never again will there be cuddling naps.

Emma Bean and the Husband. So precious!
Naps? Who takes naps? 

MOM! That's who would still like to take a nap!!

Never again will there be afternoons spent making daisy crowns.

Miss Sofi Bug
Now they want to dress all funky fresh. People still say funky fresh right?

Funky Fresh Emma Bean
Never again will they eat their first birthday cake with joyful abandon. 

Miss Sofi Bug's first birthday
Now they are all politeness and good manners.

Emma Bean
Maybe that one is a bad example! Moving on.

Never again will there be sweet baby kisses.

Emma Bean and the Husband. My heart melts!

Never again will I take bath time photos. Now that would just be wrong!

Miss Sofi Bug. Oh just look at those baby blues!
Never again will I read to them Sandra Boynton book rhymes 'til I'm reciting them in my sleep. Moo Baa La La La! Horns to Toes and in Between! Love those books!

Never again will they run to me with outstretched arms asking me to, "Hold you Mommy?"

Never again will they have boo boos that need Mommy to bandage and kiss to make all better. Nope. They can, "Take care of it myself, Mom."

So it is, when I am ready to crawl into bed at night shortly after the girls have fallen asleep, and I take a moment to quietly enter their rooms to give them one final kiss on the head for the day, that I am eternally grateful for the lip that is slightly pulled in, for the eyelashes that softly brush against the sweet cheek, for the fist that is curled up tightly next to my baby's face, and for the sleeping expression that hasn't changed one bit in the fourteen and nearly eleven years that they have been alive. 

Thank you Lord that for all the wonderful changes, this one thing has remained the same!


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