Monday, April 2, 2012


I am not a huge fan of April Fool's Day.

The Family is another story.

The fooling began the moment their feet hit the ground!

The Husband started the shenanigans by giving the girls spoons when they needed forks for breakfast.

He placed drops of food coloring in the bottom of their glasses, causing their milk to turn green the moment it was poured into the glasses.

And he strategically placed this monster.

In retaliation the girls hid fake snakes and frogs to catch the Husband by surprise.

Fortunately, I am left mostly unscathed by all of their tomfoolery.

I, in fact, become the voice of reason and good sense on April Fool's Day. The girls come to me for approval or disapproval of potential tricks.

Rubber band around the kitchen faucet sprayer so that the next person to turn on the faucet is sprayed in the face with water?


Fake snake on Dad's office chair?


This apparently gives me enough of an air of superiority that tricks are not played on me.

That, unfortunately, does not mean that I do not occasionally stumble onto a trick meant for another.

The spider dropping into the fridge when the fridge door was opened...unsanctioned! And found by me! Stinkers!!

To be honest, once the rest of the Family gets going with all of their silliness, all I have to do is say something like, "who turned off my curling iron!?" The Family goes into a frenzy of blaming each other. I walk away smiling with the knowledge that I had not yet turned the curling iron on.

I'd say I pretty much won April Fool's Day, but the reality is...

Today I'm putting away snakes, frogs, and spiders that were not discovered yesterday. And I still have a monster to evict!

Did you get April fooled?


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