Friday, April 6, 2012

Not the Boss of Me

It still makes me laugh to this day.

This sweet girl, my little cousin, the flower girl in my wedding, became very fidgety during the ceremony. Who could blame her. I'm sure after the first few lines of what she heard as...wah wah wah wah wah wah...she'd had enough. After she had danced around for several minutes, one of the bridesmaids asked her to be still. She boldly replied, "You're not the boss of me."

Look at me in all of my wedding fluffery!

It was very funny! And understandable. She didn't know the person who was telling her what to do. All she knew was that waiting was very difficult. She had probably become uncomfortable as well. This was not what she had expected. 

Sounds a lot like life.

I understand how she was feeling. I've had times in my life when I'd like to have said, "You're not the boss of me!" to someone I didn't know very well, and whose intentions I didn't really trust when they were trying to tell me what to do.

Do you ever consider who you allow to be the boss of you?

Who do you trust when the world doesn't make sense? When your own feelings don't make sense? 

Who do you trust to give you wise counsel?

Who comforts you when your heart is broken?

Who guides you when the path of life is lost and you don't know which way to turn?

Who helps you accomplish what seems impossible?

Is it the One who loves you with a Great Compassionate Love?

Is it the One who is full of MERCY and GRACE?

Is it the One who is ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL, and willing to HELP you?

Is it the One who knows all of your sin, and offers to cover it with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS?

Is it the One who suffered and died on the cross, bearing all sin, while still asking Father God to forgive us?

Is it the One with the POWER to rise from the dead and CONQUER death?

Is it Jesus Christ, who says believe in me and be saved, follow my commands that it will be well with you, that gets to be the boss of you?

He gets to be the boss of me! I will follow Him! Not only does He deserve the right, He has earned the right to be the boss of me.

And though I will stumble and fall short of following Him well, He will say, "Rise up! I will HELP you! I will be your STRENGTH! I will give you HOPE! My sacrifice is SUFFICIENT for you! Your sin is not greater than my righteousness can cover! Your sin is not too small that it does not need to be covered!" 

He will declare, "I LOVE YOU!" That is the reason He died on the cross for all sin, making today Good Friday!

He is ALL POWERFUL! That is how He rose again. The celebration of Easter Sunday!

May you be overwhelmed this weekend by the LOVE of Jesus! 

May you have a very Happy Easter!


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