Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for...Frozen Yogurt

The girls are the only ones who screamed. The Husband and I did not. We were crazy excited though!

Excited for Cherry Berry frozen yogurt!

They say it's the best on the planet!! I agree!

We experienced Cherry Berry frozen yogurt for the first time while in South Dakota. The girls were sad we did not have Cherry Berry in Minnesota.

Well we do now! Hence all of the screaming!

Cherry Berry's self serve yogurt bar is the berry best and now in Minnesota.

Grab a cup.

Fill it with your berry favorite flavor, or flavors, of yogurt.

Add your choice of berry yummy toppings, of which there is an abundance to choose from!!

Of course this all happens after you have taste tested the many different flavors of berry yummy frozen yogurt.

Oh yes, they give you several little sample cups for trying out the berry many delectable frozen yogurt flavors! White chocolate, chocolate lovers, strawberry, blueberry...the list goes on and on, and each one is berry better than the last one!!

Once filled, your cups of frozen yogurt are placed on a scale. Cherry Berry charges by the ounce, you'll want to watch your little ones whose eyes are much bigger than their stomachs!!

Finally park your berry happy self on a brightly colored couch and enjoy!!

My favorite is a combination of white chocolate, chocolate lovers, and strawberry sprinkled with KitKats. So berry delicious!

But beware!

Addictive it may be, but you will leave Cherry Berry, berry berry happy! 

You are berry wonderful Cherry Berry!


P.S. Speaking in berry is only a temporary side effect!

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