Monday, January 9, 2012


My Great Grandpa took my Dad when he was young. 

My Dad took me when I was young. 

And now my Dad and I, with the Husband and my Mom in tow, have taken my girls for a Tendermaid.

Ah Tendermaid!

One tiny little building in Austin Minnesota, that seats only 14 people, where the most delicious burgers have been served for over 70 years.

Not just any ol' burger mind you. A loose meat burger!

A loose meat burger is something like a sloppy Joe without the sauce. 

There are several specialty burgers to choose from or one may pick their own toppings!

We opted for our own choice of toppings!

I like my burger pretty simple. A little ketchup, mustard and onion. Perfect!

Every Tendermaid burger is served with a spoon.

So that every bit of burger may be scooped up and devoured!

No loose meat gets left behind! Not on my watch anyway!!

It was so fun to share the tradition of Tendermaid burgers with my girls! 

Tendermaid's loose meat burgers get a unanimous thumbs up!


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