Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Chilling Tale

Once upon a time, Friday, December 9th, a beautiful young maiden opened her freezer to take a quick inventory of items she may need to purchase from the market.

The charming young maiden was shocked and dismayed to discover that the items in the freezer were no longer frozen. Ice cream had turned to melted slop! Frozen bread dough had thawed and was begging to rise! Chicken was completely thawed and ready to be roasted!

The lovely young maiden's countenance fell. Her refrigerator was no longer working. It needed to be replaced!

The young maiden, with a heart full of gratitude that it was cold outside, removed all of the items from her fridge that were still good and stored them in her winter chilled garage. Yay for a cold garage!!

The delightfully witty young maiden then purchased a new refrigerator, gladly paying the extra delivery fee to have the new fridge delivered with haste! Sunday, December 11th.

The young maiden was giddy when the delivery truck arrived!

Though grateful for a cold garage to store her food, the maiden did not relish running out in the cold to get her food.

The glad hearted young maiden was so pleased to restock her new refrigerator, but was a bit bothered that her new fridge had a scuff in it's finish. The young maiden was even more bothered by the very loud rattling noise the new refrigerator made. It sounded like a diesel truck!!

The positive young maiden wedged a piece of styrofoam into place to make the new fridge be quiet, and called the store asking for a new, new fridge to replace the diesel fridge!

A new delivery date was set! Wednesday December 14th!

On the day of the planned delivery the happy young maiden emptied the diesel fridge in anticipation of the new, new fridge only to receive a call from the delivery company saying the delivery would be delayed.

The chipper young maiden asked what time would the delivery be made. The delivery company said, "Friday?"

The less than chipper young maiden said, "Friday does not work! How about next Monday?"

The maiden returned all of the food back to the diesel fridge. The young maiden was a bit crabby about this turn of events.

On the day of the rescheduled delivery, Monday, December 19th, the trying to remain positive in attitude young maiden emptied the diesel fridge in preparation of the installation of the new, new fridge!

The young maiden was once again excited and hopeful when the delivery truck arrived.

The young maidens hopes were dashed when the delivery man proclaimed, "Oh, $#!&!!" When he discovered that the front of the new, new fridge was significantly damaged!!

The very frustrated, crabby and ticked young maiden wanted to scream as she refilled the diesel fridge with food yet again!

Due to the quickly approaching Christmas weekend the very upset young maiden postponed another new, new fridge delivery date until life was less hectic. January 4th.

With dread and complete lack of confidence in getting an undamaged, successfully delivered next new, new fridge, the young maiden once again emptied diesel fridge of food on Wednesday, January 4th in preparation for, she knew not what!

The ready to be disappointed again young maiden looked over the next new, new fridge before it entered the house. It was slightly scuffed, but not too bad. The young maiden gave permission for the fridge to be installed in the house.

The young maiden was thrilled when the next new, new fridge was plugged in and did not sound like diesel fridge.

The happy young maiden wanted to dance and sing when she realized next new, new fridge was a keeper and she would not have to empty and fill diesel fridge again!

The young maiden filled next new, new fridge with food and her heart was full of joy!

The young maiden is happy to report that the store that sold her the fridge gave her an extra 10% discount for all of her troubles and they gave the young maiden her delivery fee back!

The blissful young maiden is going to try to ignore the fact that once next new, new fridge was installed, the delivery man told her that the reason she had trouble with diesel fridge being so loud was because the first delivery man did not balance the diesel fridge properly and that if he had she probably could have avoided all this trouble.

Yep, the young maiden is just going to pretend he never said that!

And the new, new fridge chilled happily ever after! We hope!


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