Friday, January 27, 2012

Cold Comfort

It's cold season. Boooo!

Both of the girls have colds. Double boooo!

Though we take the usual cold medicines to try to help, the fact remains there simply is no cure for the common cold. I booo again!

I have found a few things that offer some comfort though, and a little comfort is often the best medicine for what ails us.

1. Johnson's soothing vapor bath!

A little squirt of this across the shower wall and by the time your shower is done the sinuses are clear! Thank you Johnson and Johnson! Cheers and applause!!

2. Chicken soup of course! While homemade chicken soup is delightful, who has the energy to make homemade soup when they're feeling miserable with a cold? Booo!

Just give me simple and tasty Lipton's chicken soup with extra noodles! Ready in under 10 minutes, with the same sinus clearing ability of homemade, and all of those little tiny noodles. Love it! It also comes with all of the nostalgia of, my Mommy made it for me when I was little. Bonus! Thank you Lipton! Cheers and applause!!

3. Last but not least a hot cup of lemonade with honey. Oh that's nice!

A cup of hot water.

Add in 2 to 3 spoonfuls of Country Time lemonade mix.

Add a nice heaping spoonful of local honey.

Oh yeah! That's gonna clear the sinuses, soothe a sore throat, and calm a cough! Thank you Country Time and Bees! Cheers and applause!!

You'll be feeling groovy in no time!

Miss Sofi Bug was feeling groovy enough to participate in her school's dress for your favorite decade day.

Wow. I really need to take down those Christmas cards in the background!


P.S. I was not paid to say I like these products. I just like them. That's all.

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