Monday, January 30, 2012


Unexpected Daisies has a new look!

It has me so very excited!!

The Husband mentioned a few weeks back that he thought it was time I got a makeover.

I was totally taken by surprise. I thought I was looking pretty good. I mean, okay, sometimes I wear yoga pants and I look a bit casual. I try to keep it cute casual though. Maybe I'm not keepin' it as cute casual as I thought I was!

Seeing my stricken expression the Husband quickly told me he was referring to the blog.

In the future, I think he should definitely lead with that!!

I wasn't convinced he wasn't just trying to cover until he showed me the idea he'd been working on. For the blog! 

I may avoid the yoga pants for a week or so anyway.

I'm super thrilled with the blog's new look! A huge thank you to the Husband, Genius Graphic Designer Extraordinaire! 

That's not his official job title. His official job title is Senior Art Director. Boring. I think it should be changed to Genius Graphic Designer Extraordinaire. That's much more exciting! And in my opinion, accurate.

Since I'm talking about job titles, I would like to change my job title as well. It was fine to say I was a stay-at-home-mom when the girls were little, glazed over looks aside when I told certain people that's what I do, but now that the girls are older I think I need something more official. I think I would like the title of Vice President of Operations for the Van Tassel Domestic Cooperative. I like it! I especially like the sound of it when I say I'm the VPO of the VDC! How cool does that sound? Yep, I'm going to use that title from now on.


I'm delighted with the fresh new look the Husband created for the blog. It's very light, and easy breezy. It makes me think of springtime. And springtime means that the Husband will be sporting his kilt once again. YAY!!

I can't wait!!

I'm even wearing a very springlike blue nail polish in celebration of the new look of the blog!

Of course I'm still drinking hot beverages to keep warm because it's not spring yet. Not even close! We have, at the very least, 3 months before we'll see anything remotely springlike outside in Minnesota. Bah.

So anyway...leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new look? Please and thank you!


P.S. I've added several blogs that I enjoy to my favorite blogs list. Check them out!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome new look.