Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

We had the most lovely snowfall yesterday.

Finally, enough snow that the neighborhood kids want to be out sledding and playing!

We even had enough snow that a friend's car got stuck in it. Another girlfriend and I pushed the car out of the snow drift. That's right! Two women pushed a car out of a snow drift!

Afterward I was feeling pretty mighty! I kept thinking to myself...that's right, who's strong? Uh huh! And who's mighty! Yep, that would be me!! The incident may have gone to my head a little, but I enjoyed feeling strong for a moment!

My confidence continued on this upswing as I went outside later to shovel the snow from the driveway. Oh yes, mighty woman shoveled the snow from the driveway, patio and the sidewalk. Woop woop!

And since it was such a lovely day, and I was feeling mighty and all, I tromped through the snow to take a few photos. I realized a few days ago that I haven't taken many photos lately. Yesterday was a perfect day for it!

The snow covered doorknob the Husband found in an antique shop for the garden door.

Snow covered weeds that still cling to a fence.

Moss and snow.

Snow covered, dried blossoms.

Ice coated branches.

Not only was I feeling mighty, I felt like quite the winter explorer too. Oh yeah!

Who would have thought, after pushing a car out of the snow, the strenuous shoveling of the driveway, and tromping through a winter wonderland that a simple walk down the driveway to the mailbox would do this mighty woman in?

I was nearly at the end of our slightly downward slanting drive when my foot hit a patch of ice and WHAM!

Mighty woman hit the dirt...cement actually.

Today I awoke with a sore wrist. A very banged up and extremely painful elbow, that might need an x ray. UGH! A very grateful tailbone as I landed instead on, shall we say, my left cheek. And one mightily bruised ego!!

I was just walking out to get the mail!!

Clearly, mighty woman's got nothin' on gravity!

At least I got some mighty good photos.


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