Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Completely Unrelated Things

This morning, as I was checking Facebook, Miss Emma Bean looked over my shoulder and saw a Facebook post by The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond.

Miss Emma Bean asked very excitedly if The Pioneer Woman and I were Friends. I mean she was like getting Cherry Berry frozen yogurt excited!

I had to tell her, "No, I'm just a fan of The Pioneer Woman on Facebook."

Miss Emma Bean's face fell, her disappointment was clear and she just said, "Oh." 

I know Miss Emma Bean. The Pioneer Woman and I are really good friends in my mind though! If that counts at all. A little? Maybe??


My streak of double yolk eggs has ended.

Lately, all of my eggs have had double yolks. I've cracked open 22 double yolk eggs. Consecutively! From 3 different cartons of eggs! It was very weird!

When I finally cracked open a single yolk egg, I was kinda sad the double yolk streak was over. (sigh)


I made pork wrapped in bacon the other day and it was AMAZING!!

Cut pork chops in half.

Coat the halved chops with your favorite BBQ dry rub.

Our dry rub is from the Husband's stepbrother, Steve. It's a secret recipe. I don't know the secret. If I did, and I told you, I'd have to eat all of your pork wrapped in bacon. I really wish I knew the secret!

Once your chops are coated in dry rub, wrap them in bacon. (Mmmmmm)

Place your pork wrapped in bacon (Mmmmmm) on a hot grill and give them a drizzle of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce! (double Mmmmmm)

They'll take about 10 minutes or so to cook through. The new rule is to cook pork to 145˚. I still cook mine to 160˚.


Pork wrapped in bacon goes really well with coleslaw and pineapple! Try it! Invite some friends over, real ones if you're willing to share or the ones that are only in your mind if you're not, and enjoy!


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