Friday, May 11, 2012

Dandelion Seeds and Cannon Fire

In the midst of a field of floating dandelion seeds and gliding butterflies a deep boom shakes the earth!

It's Civil War Day for Miss Emma Bean's 5th grade class.

There's the cannon.

It's loud! Crazy loud. It totally freaks out every dog in the neighborhood! And it is totally cool in the eyes of every 5th grader! They get to help fire it.

The team is assembled.

The cannon is loaded.


No real cannon balls were fired in this demonstration. In case you were worried!

The ground shakes. Children giggle with relief as they unplug their ears. Dandelion stems that were full of seeds are shaken bare.

All neighborhood dogs run for cover!

Civil war guns.

Soldier's sewing kit.


How soldiers lived and managed in camp.

Letters to and from home.

Civil War day is very interesting and totally cool. The kids learn so much, and the neighborhood dogs eventually recover. They stick pretty close to their person for awhile, but they do recover.


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