Monday, May 21, 2012


We didn't do anything particularly fancy. Only a few decorations here...

and there.

Of course birthday wishes covered the chalkboard wall.

But mostly it was a simple affair. 

A perfect day for a cookout...

Mmmmm steak sandwiches!
with a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate Miss Emma Bean's eleventh birthday.

Miss Emma Bean, who is, in her own words from a description of herself that she wrote for school - which I happen to think described her wonderfully - funny, sporty, dancing, singing, laughing.

Loves to joke around. I would add...and likes to dress up!

creating, swimming, running, loving, cutie, trendsetter!

That's my girl!!

The only other thing I would add is...and loved beyond words!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Emma Bean!

a.k.a. Emma's Mom

P.S. OK I would also add...and growing up too fast!!

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