Monday, May 7, 2012

Sanuk and Timbuk2 I Heart You

To celebrate Earth Day, Sanuk and Timbuk2 held a giveaway, The Groovy Green Giveaway, through Pinterest. To enter you simply needed to upload and Pin a photo of something you do that's "green."

The Husband encouraged me to enter.

From the gardening (I can't wait to start sharing what I'm going to do in the garden this year!) and composting, to recycling, trying to repurpose and reuse, we do in our home it was tough to decide what "green" activity to enter in the giveaway. 

Since I really enjoy sewing and have been very purposeful about finding ways to reuse our old clothing instead of just tossing out the things that are not in good enough condition to donate I decided to go with that and entered the shag pillow I made from old, worn out t-shirts. Did you see the tutorial I posted for the pillow on DIY Lady Hacks? If you missed it click here to check it out.

There were many great "green" ideas posted in the giveaway. There were people who bike as there main form of transportation, (love that!) people who garden, (love that more!) and people who are being purposeful about picking up litter! (love that most!) People care about being responsible for this earth. Sanuk and Timbuk2 included!

Sanuk was giving away a pair of R.A.S.T.A not shoes which are made outta (their word, gotta love it) hemp and jute, sustainable latex and cork, and recycled tires and P.E.T.

Timbuk2 was giving away a messenger bag made from recycled P.E.T.

Very generous of them!

Now imagine how crazy excited I was to learn that I had been chosen as one of the winners of The Groovy Green Giveaway!

I yelled, "No Way!" and then performed a happy dance!

My prizes arrived at the end of last week! 


I requested a pair of mens not shoes for the Husband because he's the reason I entered the giveaway and he really wanted a pair of Sanuk not shoes. Sanuk was wonderful and said it was no problem.

It wasn't a problem for them. It may have been a problem for me.

The Husband said they were the most comfortable shoes he had ever worn. They made his feet happy!

I may have been too hasty in allowing the Husband to have the not shoes!

Suddenly I wanted happy feet too!

I went out and purchased my own Sanuks this weekend.

They are fabulous!

My feet are so happy!

I painted my toenails to match! So Happy!

I highly recommend getting a pair of Sanuks for yourself!! You want happy feet, I know you do!

And like that wasn't enough, I also received this great messenger bag from Timbuk2.

My sewing machine could fit in there!

It has an easy adjustable shoulder strap.

I'm still finding pockets!

I learned that Timbuk2 has been making their quality eh hem products since 1989. (Yeah, I flipped that little tag over and found this. Ha ha! Gotta love a company with a sense of humor!) If you're looking to get a messenger bag, Timbuk2 is the way to go! 

Anyway...I felt very cool today using my quality messenger bag and wearing my Sanuks!

Thank you Sanuk and Timbuk2 for these great products and for keeping it "green!"


P.S. You can checkout Sanuk's website by clicking here and you can checkout Timbuk2's website by clicking here.

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