Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fresh new fall hairstyle

Over the last few years as I have been getting my hair highlighted it has been getting more and more blond. It became more blond than I wanted. 

So I tried a darker color.

That may have been too dark!

I then considered allowing my natural color to grow out, grays and all! The Husband wasn't too keen on that idea as I shared in this He Said She Said blog post. So fine! I made an appointment at the hair salon in hopes of finding some middle ground!

I'm feeling pretty pleased with the results!

The color feels much more natural!

Look, I can see my earrings! Lovin' that!

A friend even told me she thought the new haircut makes me look younger! She quickly added that she hadn't thought I was looking old to begin with, but now I look much younger! Then she blushed! I didn't mind! At nearly 41 it was nice to hear! I'm not getting any younger so if a new haircut makes me look as if I am, I'll take it!

Miss Sofi Bug told me that I now look like a super hero in a comic book she's reading! I'll take that too! Because really all I heard was, "Mom, you look SUPER!"

Yep, I'm liking the new fall do!



Rebecca said...

LOVE it, you look fabulous, as always!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

VERY CUTE! Very dramatic. You've got flair. :-)

Christine said...

Thank you Rebecca!


Christine said...

Thank you Kelly! I may have given up big hair after the 80s but I'm still holding on to the flare! :)