Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeing red

We've decked the halls with Christmas red. 

Actually we've decked the Christmas tree in red!

It has become our tradition.

I love the warm glow that fills the room when the Christmas lights are on.

I also love how the ornaments we have collected over the years look in that same warm, red glow!

How sweet are this angel and Santa we found years ago in an antique shop?

Remembering where or when we got some of our Christmas ornaments is half of the fun of decorating the tree.

These ornaments were purchased at one of my favorite little shops, Rose Mille! Rose Mille always has some of the most unique and lovely ornaments most of which are handmade.

I always enjoy hanging this Santa and sleigh on our tree. My Mom made it along with a collection of similar decoupaged ornaments that hung on our Christmas tree when I was a little girl.

A few years ago I asked Mom about them and she still had them in storage. She gave the ornaments to me. I'm so glad I get to share them with my little, okay not so little, girls! 

Speaking of my girls, they have begun to add to the memories with decorations of their own. 

These bead candy canes they made are very cute!

And how darling are these snowmen they made in school? Way darling!

My preference is definitely toward antique or at least antique looking ornaments. I have had to make a concession on one ornament though.

The Husband and the girls love this Marvin the Martian ornament!

Me, not so much!

But, the Husband allows me to hang all of the old ornaments my Mom gave to me, I guess I can allow him to hang the ornament my Mom gave to him. 

Yes! My Mother gave the Husband the Marvin the Martian ornament!

So Marvin may have a place on our Christmas tree. A very special place! A place in the waaay back of the tree!


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