Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The inspector arrived today to look over the new furnace and air conditioner.

We passed inspection!

I knew we would!

While the workmen were here I made cookies for them!

Not that I'm saying they only did a good job because I gave them cookies!

It's not like I thought I needed to bribe them to do a good job!

It just so happened that I had a cookie order to fill, as I've mentioned before I have a small cookie baking business, while the workmen were here installing the new furnace and air conditioner and it didn't seem right that they should have to endure the delicious smell of cookies baking but not get to taste any. Also the Husband was working from home that day and the girls were about to arrive home from school...who doesn't love cookies for an afternoon snack? 

I made a second batch of cookies so everyone could have some!

All I'm saying is the workmen got to have cookies while they worked, they did a very fine job installing the new equipment and we passed inspection!

To celebrate passing the inspection the family should go to McDonalds for a sausage with egg Mcmuffin for breakfast on Saturday!

I really like a sausage with egg Mcmuffin for breakfast and we have a new McDonalds close by.

Wow! I'm really hungry! I think it's time for lunch!!

All I really wanted to tell you was, "Yay we passed inspection!"


P.S. Thank you so much for the votes on The Picket Fence blog! Keep it up! You're the best!!

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