Monday, November 21, 2011

My birthday

Saturday was my birthday.

It's tradition for the Family to hang a happy birthday banner for birthdays.

Our banner may be a little too springlike for a November birthday! Especially for a November birthday that gets the first real snow of the season!

We were forecasted to get a light dusting of snow on Saturday.

We actually piled up 4 inches of the fluffy, white stuff!

Snow! Wonderful snow!

I asked the Husband if he would please cancel our plans to go out for dinner!

All I really wanted for my birthday was to have dinner at home, the Husband made french bread pizzas. Delicious!

And I wanted to be cozy around a warm fire and play games with the Family!

It was a perfect birthday!

Sometimes the simple things are more than enough! Especially when you add cake!

And it didn't hurt that my parents brought a Starbucks mocha to me first thing Saturday morning! Oh yeah! Perfect birthday!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still think 41 inches would have been more appropriate.
-Emily ;-)