Tuesday, October 4, 2011

He said/She said 3

She's always been fearless when it comes to a new hairdo!

Bungee jumping...skydiving...TERRIFIED! Not going to happen! But a new hair style...a new hair color...NO FEAR! Let's do it!

He has always been completely supportive...encouraging even when she would say, "I think it's time for a new hairstyle!"

She said, "80's "BIG" hair?" 

He said, "Totally! For sure!"

She said, "Chin length bob?"

He said, "Do it!"

She said, "Straight hair with bangs?"

He said, "That'll look great!"

And if it will look great for one, why not all? We were matchers!
She said, "How about short? And red?"

He said, "Go for it!"

Paper hats were sold separately! They did not come as a deal with the hair!
She said, "Blond?"

He said, "Oh yeah!!"

Okay, so she couldn't find a single photo of her hair when it was this blond, but since she pretty much looked like this, she will use this photo for illustration! Yep, pretty much the same! Almost identical!!

Whether long, short, curly or straight, he has always been very supportive of whatever hairstyle she chose. She has loved him for it!

Recently she said, "I think I might allow my natural color grow out and see what it looks like."

He said, "You don't think you'll be bothered by the gray?"

A very reasonable question because she has complained and bemoaned her coming gray hair for a few years now.

She said, "You know, as it's growing out it really doesn't bother me."

He said, "I think you should get it colored." 

She said, "Why? Does it bother you that I would let my gray hair show?"

He was silent.

They have been silent since that conversation.

She will be making an appointment this week to get her hair colored, because until now he has always been supportive and she loves him for it!


P.S. He approved this post.

P.P.S. She isn't really upset. But she does find it amusing that he is the one bothered by her gray hair! And she will refrain from referring to his hair color as sparkly brown.

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