Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In a word, loss SUCKS

I do not like loss! 

I did not like when as a teenager, I lost my car privileges! That stunk! But fortunately, I could earn them back.

I do not like when the remote is lost! Walking over to the television to turn it on and change the channel? What? That's really inconvenient!! For this reason, I keep close tabs on the remote!

I do not like when a friend moves far away. That is a very difficult loss! It's a loss that is a little easier to bear when the friend that moved returns for visits, or if I am able to go visit the friend, or if the friend and I make the effort to keep in touch. Facebook helps! It is a very sad loss though when the friend moves, and then moves again, and moves again, and we lose track of each other. The friend cannot be found on Facebook! I most likely will never see that friend again. It causes me great sadness!

In a word, loss SUCKS!

Though these losses can be frustrating, annoying and sad they do not compare to the deep heartache of the loss caused by death.

Miss Sofi Bug and her classmates have been coping with the tragic deaths of more than one student and more than one family member of students at her school this year. It has been heart wrenching! Families in our community are grieving.

by Ann Tristani
There is only one way to have peace and hope through the loss brought by death. It is similar to when a friend moves away. It is knowing that I will see the person again! Not only see the person, but knowing I will spend eternity with the person in God's presence!

Death has no sting, no hold on those who proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Upon death, those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior enter the gates of Heaven! Those of us who are left behind, who agree in faith, though we grieve, our grief is only the heartache of one who has to patiently wait until they get to see their friend again. It is not the heartbreaking grief of permanent loss.

I'm aware that there are some who do not agree with me. I realize there are some who may be very angry and no longer read the blog because I hold this belief. I will be sad if that is what you choose, but I will be heartbroken if, because I never shared this truth with you, we are separated forever. 

You see the gates of Heaven are not open to those who do not proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior. I know many find that difficult to accept. Many want to believe that a loving God would not shut the gates of Heaven to them because they believe they are good people. But how do we justify entrance into God's presence if we spend our lives with our backs turned to Him, refusing to acknowledge Him?

Have you ever witnessed, or maybe been, a child who angrily screamed at a parent the words I HATE YOU, I don't need you?

I don't think there is anything that crushes a parent's heart the way that phrase does.

Fortunately, most children when they shout those words shout them out of anger and quickly repent and mend the break it can cause in their relationship with the parent. 

Imagine if the child shouts this phrase in anger, turns their back on the parent, never to repent of the wrong or reconcile the relationship, then one...parent or child...dies. There is no longer an opportunity for redemption. For some, this is their relationship with God. They believe they don't need Him. They may even hate Him and those who love Him. Yet they think because He is loving it will not matter that they refuse to acknowledged Him. It matters! Oh how it matters! How can we expect Him to acknowledge us upon our death, if we refuse in our lifetime to acknowledge Him?

My friends, each one of us gets a limited time on this earth. Each one of us will die. Do you know where you will spend eternity? Do you know if it will be with those you love? Will you spend it with Almighty God? I know I would like nothing more than to know I will spend it with you! 

When I say let's be best friends forever, I actually mean forever!


P.S. Not just because I said so. If you want to know more...Peace with God.

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