Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love Tinker Bell buns

When the girls were little they loved to have their hair put into what we like to call Tinker Bell buns.

To make Tinker Bell buns I would begin to create a ponytail, but instead of pulling the hair all the way through the binder into a ponytail I would stop half way leaving the ends of hair caught in the binder, resulting in what looks like a bun. The ends of the girls hair would stick out all crazy and very cute!

The girls stopped wanting Tinker Bell buns a couple of years ago. 

It made me so sad.

It meant that my girls were growing up. They were getting too grownup and cool for cute Tinker Bell buns.

Until today!

Today they both wanted Tinker Bell buns in their hair!

In my opinion, still too cute for words! And totally cool too!

My babies!


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