Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Subtle differences

Overall the Husband and I see things pretty much the same way.

Oh we have our subtle differences, but at the core we're pretty much alike.

While he may parent in strength, protecting the girls and being the leader of our family and I may parent by nurturing, I comfort and guide, we both love our girls and want very much to parent them well!

At the core, we're much the same!

While he likes a Mountain Dew in the morning for his caffeine fix, I like my caffeine to come from a Starbucks Mocha. We both just want our caffeine in the morning.


We both like to watch the television program Castle on Monday nights. There really isn't any difference here. We just really like the show and I wanted to tell you.

While I decided last weekend to buy sparkly silver nail polish to paint my nails and make them look pretty,

the Husband decided to buy black spray paint and paint the rims on his Jeep to make them look shiny and pretty!

Yep, at the core, we both like shiny and pretty.

See, we're pretty much exactly alike! Except for the ways we are different.

And there is nothing wrong with different!

Different can be good!

I say Vive la Différence!

Except for that Mountain Dew thing. I don't like the Dew. Not that it matters! He can like what he wants. 

However, since I don't like it, I wish he would get something I do like so I could take a drink of his beverage those times when I don't have a beverage of my own. I won't drink Dew, so when he has a Mountain Dew and I have nothing I really have nothing, because I don't like to drink Dew. 

Ohhh, maybe that's why he drinks the Mountain Dew!

Apparently he too says Vive la Différence!


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