Monday, October 31, 2011

I still blog!

A whole week and not one blog post!

I missed blogging!

However it could not be helped.

Here's what happened.

It all began late into the night last Sunday the 23rd.

See the Big Dipper in this photo? I'm quite sure it was feeling very badly for us that night!

Miss Sofi Bug...

my baby...

said she wasn't feeling well.

Oh man was she not feeling well!

I'll suffice it to say there was very little sleep, many trips to the bathroom, the need to have a bucket on hand and lots of hair holding!

It was a horrible, no good, very bad night!

Maybe it was something she ate.

No it definitely wasn't what she ate.

I think she got a double nasty stomach virus.

I spent Monday and Tuesday caring for my poor sick girl and napping any chance I could.

I made her chicken soup. It's always good for what ails you!

I wrapped her in a snuggly blanket and watched or I should say slept through a video with her.

I often rested my cheek on her forehead to check her temperature which reached 100.2˚. That's right a Mom's cheek can read a sick child's temp accurately!

I kissed her forehead frequently! I don't get to do that as often as I once did now that she is taller than I am and her forehead is not as easy to reach as it once was! Without question this was my favorite part of caring for Miss Sofi Bug while she was sick!

I also told my girl that I was praying she would get better soon.

Miss Sofi Bug said that she had prayed all night Sunday night that she would be better and then angrily pointed out the fact that she was not better.

I understood her anger.

Life has not been easy for our family and loved ones lately. There are struggles with finances, illness and loss. Life just isn't what I think it should be lately. I don't always understand why God allows some of these things to happen. It can be very easy to get angry like Miss Sofi Bug did.

However, in this situation I could see what Miss Sofi Bug could not.

I shared with Miss Sofi Bug that if she had not gotten sick or if God had healed her in the night, which He very well could have done, I would not have gotten the opportunity to wrap my girl in a snuggly blanket. I would not have gotten to make her soup. I would not have gotten to rest my cheek on her forehead and plant dozens of kisses on it.

I explained that I was getting to take care of her in a very special way! A way that happens only when children are sick.

Miss Sofi Bug acknowledged that she really liked being taken care of when she was sick.

What I didn't tell her but I know in my heart is that Miss Sofi Bug was also learning an important lesson about compassion and caring for others. A lesson that can't be learned just by being told. It's a lesson that one learns best through experience.

One day my girl might have children of her own. Children who, when they get sick, will be wrapped in a snuggly blanket, fed some warm chicken soup, it's good for what ails you, and get dozens of kisses on their foreheads. Miss Sofi Bug will remember that her Mommy did the same for her and it taught her to care for others and it made her feel good.

Hopefully Miss Sofi Bug is also learning to offer the same care and compassion to others around her who need someone to care for them. 

Who knows maybe one day far into the future Miss Sofi Bug will wrap her Mommy in a snuggly blanket and kiss her Mommy's forehead and her Mommy will think, I taught her well.

We may not understand why God allows certain things in our lives. I believe He does have a good purpose and He will use all things for the good of those who trust in Him. A lesson God reminded me of as I cared for my sick Baby.


P.S. That explains the lack of posting for Monday and Tuesday. To be continued for Wednesday through Friday's explanation.

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