Monday, October 10, 2011

Too late

I asked the Family go for a drive this weekend so we could see the Fall colors and so I could get some beautiful photos to share with you.

The Husband called it a blogafari!

To be clear, I only asked the Husband and Miss Emma Bean to go for a drive. Miss Sofi Bug left us on Friday to spend the weekend with a friend at the friend's family's cabin. That's right, she took off to have a good time with her friend leaving the three of us to fend for ourselves! Therefore she was not around to go on a blogafari with us. Sniff!

I was really hoping we'd see some brilliant reds.

Some vibrant oranges!

And some breathtaking yellows.

But we got NOTHIN'!

We saw tons of brown!

Vibrant, brilliant and breathtaking were done. Over. The end!

We were too late!

The bit of color we did see...

was this Volkswagen Bug surrounded by pumpkins. I was too late for that too. Yep, I'm the one who got slugged!

At least I wasn't too late for the bakery. I did get to enjoy this very tasty pumpkin muffin.

Too bad Miss Sofi Bug didn't get a tasty pumpkin muffin. It may have helped her to feel a little better when, while away with her friend at her friend's family's cabin she sent me a photo of a cute kitten...

along with a text asking if she could bring cute kitten home and I had to tell her, "Sorry, you're too late, we already have a dog and three fish!"

Drat! Blogafari was a bust!


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