Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little Taste

The Husband and I lucked out on Saturday and scored a couple of tickets, through a friend of a friend, to go to the Taste of Stillwater event which was held at the Aamodt's Apple Farm / St. Croix Vineyards. 

Aamodt's has a lovely apple orchard! I think we'll have to visit them this fall!

I hadn't heard of the Taste of Stillwater event until my friend asked if we would like the tickets. But now that I have heard of the event, and tasted Stillwater, I can tell you, "Stillwater tastes GOOD!"

We tried a little, tasty, blueberry muffin top/waffle/cookie thing from The Waffle Van. It was good whatever it was!

We enjoyed a little taste of a somewhat melty but still delicious cake pop from Mara Mi. Aren't they pretty?

The Husband enjoyed a little taste of beer.

I opted for a little taste of wine from the St. Croix Vineyards.

Or was it two tastes of wine. Three? Oh who was counting?

We also enjoyed checking out some of the local merchants and their wares. 

Loved these bags, made of reused materials, from MoonFlower bags!

Then there was a little taste of cheese from the Caves of Faribault, (they had some good gouda!)

a little olive oil from Olive On Tap, (the garlic infused oil was my favorite!)

and a sweet treat from Poorboy candy. My very favorite taste of the day!

We got to the event early so it didn't take us long to make our way around to all of the different venders, but by the time we had, we were so worn out from the heat of the day we were getting desperate for some shade. Sadly all we could easily spy was a lot like the tastes we had just enjoyed...little!!

And already taken!

It took a little hunting, but we finally found a shady spot to rest in so we could munch on the apple brat and the apple and cheese plate we had picked up along the way.


It was a fun event, but the heat wiped me out! I took a nap when I got home! So I guess, all in all, good food and a good nap, it was a pretty good Saturday!


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